For many of us product creation is a breeze. We have so many ideas, and with a little work – an awesome product is born. How to sell that product however, is a different matter. You may have lots of traffic, an excellent sales page, but still finding that you are not getting the conversions you desire. How do you convert visitors into buyers?

Give them Proof

People want to see proof that your product is and does what you promise it will be and do. But more than that, they want to know other people have used it successfully without complications. They’d also like to see, touch, and try, if possible. If they’re convinced it will solve their problem(s), they won’t waste any time in clicking the buy button and purchasing the product.

Here are 5 kinds of proof you can include to convince your visitor that this product is for them:

1. Testimonials

Testimonials are the experiences of others with your product. They can be in writing with a photo, video, or audio. While the US government has now put some restrictions on what testimonials can say, depending on the product, and they require a disclaimer noting atypical results, testimonials are still an effective form of proof.

Think of the types of testimonials you like to see. The best ones usually state how the customer put the product to work for them and solved their problem in xx days. These are provided by customers who have used the product and found success showing that it’s likely, or at least possible, that other buyers will get good results too.

2. Case Studies

Case studies are a more involved form of testimonial. A case study shows where the person was, or what his problem was before the purchase, how he used the product, how long the results took, and what the results were. People like the specifics, so it might also include pros and cons of the product. People tend to feel like the customer is being more honest if he also shares what he did not like about the product, or for whom the product would not be a good fit.

3. A Video

Not only tell them about your product, take them inside. A video explaining or demonstrating how to use the product will show potential customers exactly what they will be getting. If your product is an ebook, show them the table of contents and a page here and there; similar to what Amazon does with their Look Inside! feature. Show off and talk about any bonuses as well.

4. Credentials

Are you a published author? Have you been an expert in your field for over 10 years? Have you been quoted in the newspaper, or been interviewed by other experts in the field? Without being a show-off, it is possible to weave this kind of proof into your sales copy confirming to the potential customer why you are qualified to be talking and teaching on this subject. This might be similar to the information you would include in an about page.

5. A Free Trial or a Money-back Guarantee

A Free Trial is more advanced proof and goes a long way towards comforting a potential buyer’s fear. Sometimes you can win the doubters over if you allow them to try the product for themselves before committing. Offer a 14 day or even a 30 day trial and encourage them to try it out. Offer assistance during the trial period and remind them at the end of the trial to buy.

Likewise you can offer a money-back guarantee. Many will consider something a wiser purchase if they know there is no risk of it being a scam. A guarantee is a good idea if you are selling products of any kind online. After all, happy customers will tell others about your product, and bring you more potential customers.

To convert readers to buyers, you definitely need to have some proof on your sales page. Consider using all of these proofs or a combination of them in the promotion of your product.

It is always a good idea to test your results too.  Different types of proof convert better with different audiences. But once you figure out what works with your target market, you then have a template for success for your future products as well.

Is there anything we left out? What other proofs do you as a customer like to see on sales pages? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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