The number one question I get about creating courses is “Where do I start?”

When creating an online course there are a few things you need to do before you actually create your content. Download the free planning guide below and take notes on the video so you know exactly how to prepare for creating an amazing course!

  1. Research – talk to potential students, validate the course idea
  2. Define Outcomes – what results will they get at the end?
  3. Set a Measurement – how will they/you know they have been successful?
  4. Choose a Format – email, video, live, pre-recorded, on your site, a course hosting site?
  5. Set a Timeline – when? when will you promote? when will the class take place?

CLick here to get the free planning guide that goes along with this video.

Validation of the idea and preparation is key for creating a successful online course. Leave a comment below and let me know which of those 5 things you struggle with the most when thinking about creating your course?

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