In today’s guest post Dawnita Fogleman of Prairie Dust Trail shares how using Evernote for blogging ended her app overwhelm and helped her build confidence as a blogger.

I hear so many people talk about needing to get organized. It’s something we struggle with because our lives are constantly changing. Priorities shift and families grow.

I have used lots of different planners and techniques through the years and friends have always asked, “So what are you using now?” I love sharing ideas with people, but I shy away from selling a particular system.

I’ve done a few custom planners for friends through the years, but they never come back and ask again and I understand why. Things changed and they needed something different. I’ve seldom found something myself that works perfectly for a whole year.

I’ve learned to change and re-evaluate quarterly and I feel much more organized now that I take the time to do that.

In this modern society of mobile apps, it is beyond overwhelming to see all the different calendars, planners, to-do-lists, and organizers available.

I feel like a Star Trek captain trying to establish tricorder readings with my tablet!

I’ll think, oh, I could do that on the tablet now! And off I go to the app-store, searching for something to fit that “need”. After a while, I realize the greatest, latest app is doing nothing more than taking up valuable space and I delete it.

I’m a one-stop-shop kinda gal. I like familiar things. I’m a regular and loyal customer. I know (and the store owners know) exactly what I want from each place I frequent. I’m the one they ask, “You want your regular order or do you feel like trying something new today?” They know me well. If I am in the mood for something new, I’ll usually ask them to suggest something. We trust each other.

I have finally found an app I trust and have become comfortable with. I trust it to do what I need. I still back things up; the important stuff on a external or jump drive.

But I trust this ap with my everyday life.

If my computer is on, this app is up. It’s also on the tablet and smart phone. I know the information I put there will be available if there is a fire, tornado, or computer crash. I’ll be able to pick up the pieces and get back to work with less stress and more organization.

Evernote Ended the Overwhelm!

This amazing app is Evernote and here is how I use it for blogging organization: I have groups of notebooks for each goal in my life: • Blogging • Business • Home • K&K (Our grown children. I keep information about their businesses here.) • Writing

In each of these groups I have notebooks for each area or topic I want to keep up with.

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