Whether you plan your content calendar with sticky notes on a wall, marker on a window, a sketch pad drawing, a spreadsheet, a trello board or a paper planner, it can be hard to outline when to release which content.

In this post/episode, I’ll walk you through a week’s full content calendar in which we’ve used the ideas from episode #45 to create several pieces of content around one topic.

How to schedule a full content calendar

If you don’t have it already, grab the content planning flow sheet below. Once you have your themed content created and the derivative pieces of it all outlined you can begin to give things calendar due dates and pres-schedule parts and pieces on social media. Those pieces are:

  1. Evergreen content around a topic
  2. A content upgrade (i.e. subscriber freebie) related to the topic
  3. Social media posts from quotes from evergreen content

A content publishing schedule might look like this:

  1. Big content (podcast/video) on Monday
  2. Blog Post on Tuesday
  3. Email to list on Wednesday about newly released content
  4. Live video on Thursday going deeper into one of the main points
  5. Email to list on Saturday with a success story or behind the scenes directing back to the content

And of course social media posts daily.

Email sequence

Once folks opt in to your list for the content upgrade, your email sequence may look something like this:

  • Welcome to our community, here is your freebie, here is what to expect from me next, please tell me about yourself…
  • Valuable content related to topic they opted in for
  • How did you like the freebie? engage, let me know…
  • Soft sell a product related to the freebie and/or offer a coupon or discount

Based on the response to email #4, you will

  • A. Add them to your regular newsletter list
  • B. Start them on the new customer sequence for the product they purchased

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Resources mentioned:

Easter activity book

YouTube – Subscribe to our channel!

Blog Well Planner – An Amazon Best Seller!

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