So many people are reviewing products and books these days, but many are either A. not doing a good job of it, or B. not making sales or commissions from the products they review. I don’t want you to fall into either of those categories, so I’ve put together the best review-writing I could find from all around the web.

If you’re short on time, take e tips and implement them in your next review. For the more dedicated reviewer, I suggest you take time to read and study through each of these articles and create a template or plan to improve your writing and craft reviews that serve both the brand and the consumer and sell the product!

1. How to Write a Must Read Product Review from Pro Blogger
Tip : “Include information on who the average user of the product is, and why they would want to use it.”

2. How to Write a Book Review from the SITS Girls
Tip: “Include graphics, but be aware of copyrights.”

3. How to Write Produce Reviews That Sell From Authority Hacker
Tip: “Present features and benefits through real life examples.”

4. How Evergreen Content is the Key to Affiliate Sales by Jimmie Lanley
Tip: “Incorporate affiliate links in a natural way into content that does not appear to be a sponsored post or a review post and that will be relevant to solving the problem at any time of year.”

5. How to Write Great Product Reviews from Basics4Bloggers
Tip: “Make it an objective look at the item with your personal experiences and opinions mixed in.”

6. How to Write a Product Review by Lynn Terry
Tip: “Get your readers excited about the product and encourage discussion and comments.”

7. Common Mistakes We Make While Writing Affiliate Product Reviews by iTechCode
Tip:”It is better for you to write a handful of review and promote them seriously than writing hundreds of reviews and leaving them without promoting.”

8. Ultimate Guide to Making Affiliate Income with Your Blog by Ramsay Taplin
Tip: “Review products that fit your brand.”

9. How to Write a Product Review and Why I Often Get More Affiliate Sales than My Competitors!
Tip: “Present the product in a way that it solves your reader’s problem.”

10. How To Write Review Blog Posts That Make Money by Robb Sutton
Tip: “Make it a comprehensive look at the good and bad of a product or service as it relates to its target audience.”

These tips for writing reviews that get sales will help you improve your writing and increase your affiliate sales both in your posts and in your newsletters. I am confident of that, because that is what they have done for me.

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