I’m glad you are here.  Before we get started, let me ask you some questions.

  • Do you want to be the owner of a profitable small business?
  • Do you want to feel like you’re running your business instead of your business running you?
  • Do you hate selling but need to make more sales for this to be worth the effort?
  • Does technology put you in a panic?
  • Do you feel like you don’t know where to find your people or how to get the right ones to respond?
  • Are you spinning your wheels and not getting any closer to your goals?

You’re in the right place! 

I was in your exact situation. With a huge passion burning inside both to make an impact, and to make the money that would change our family’s circumstances.

I know firsthand how frustrating building a profitable small business by yourself can be. Lack of clarity, being unsure of your “niche,” and the struggle to learn the jargon, craft a marketing strategy and overcome tech issues is all too real to me.

Book a “One-time Quick-win” Session

Arrange a 30-minute, 1-on-1 strategy session. Prior to our call, I will spend a half hour reviewing your site, and other relevant materials to best advise you. Note: this is a paid call. Find out more by visiting the One-time Quick-win page.

Online Business Coaching

Need some direction and accountability to grow your business? Need someone to guide you through the process of getting your site off the ground, rebranding, successfully implementing affiliate marketing, or creating that product or course? This is the place to contact me for that kind of coaching.

Weekly one-hour coaching calls at a scheduled time where goals, assignments and other tasks are discussed. Online business coaching is a 3-month commitment at an investment starting at $7,200 USD per quarter. Please fill out my coaching application.

Sharing What I’ve Learned  

When we launched, I remember telling my husband, “When we get to the point that our business is bringing in a regular income for us, I am going to teach other women how to do it too, so they can also experience the freedom that comes with working for yourself and earning money for your family.”

Those first few years were filled with long hours and many tears as I tried to learn all I needed to about WordPress, affiliate marketing, html codes, email service providers, branding, writing, graphic design and so much more. I kept going because I wanted to teach other women entrepreneurs to do this, making it easier for them. My mistakes and hard work could serve others.

I started coaching clients and opened a coaching program in April 2015, and hosting training retreats and events in 2016 and have been helping women who have a passion to launch and grow an online business ever since.

Why We Should Work Together! 

You want to succeed. I want you to succeed. Don’t waste one more minute trying to make sense of the many aspects of building your small business in today’s online world.

There is no fairy tale theory with my coaching. Teaching, coaching, creating and marketing is my full-time job and your success is my priority. I understand what you need because I have already paved the way for your business to launch and grow.

My services align with my areas of expertise in:

  • Big picture business strategy with our Handprint Legacy Business Model™
  • Curriculum Development and Digital Course Creation
  • Relationship Marketing

I take my coaching seriously and expect the same from my coaching clients. Together, we can build upon your passion, and my expertise to launch and grow your amazing business. I can’t wait to get started.

Here’s What My Coaching Clients are Saying…

“I cannot imagine launching my blog without Katie. There is so much to know and Katie makes it easy. She has the gift of patience and knowledge and her coaching will put you so much further ahead with your goals.  Hire. Katie. Today!” – Susan Cox

“In October 2017, I had almost given up on my blog. I began coaching with Katie as a last ditch effort. In 3 months of working with her, my visitors, sessions and pageviews doubled, my subscribers increased by 700% and I made the first money I’ve ever made with my blog. But even more than that, I’ve gone from a hobby blogger to a businesswoman. Katie helped me train my brain to think that way. The best still though is that I’ve gained not only a blogging mentor but a friend who both understands what I’m trying to do and encourages my true calling. Coaching is not a magic pill, but if you put in the work, it can change everything for your business.I can’t wait to see where we go from here.” – Samantha Hatcher

Coaching Services

Let’s do a quick inventory of where you are in launching or growing your business?

You know you have the skills and a powerful message that will help others and be profitable.

You think it may be too late to start something new.

Working with me will help you:

  • Design a business that serves YOU and your desired lifestyle
  • Position yourself as an authority in your niche
  • Attract and serve an audience who will want the transformation you offer
  • Create a program/service/course that people want and will purchase
  • Build sales strategies and channels without gimmicks or pushy icky sales tactics

Five Reasons Why We Should Work Together 

  1. Perspective: I offer a fresh perspective based on biblical principles for life and business. I’ll help you define your unique selling position (USP) in a way you never imagined.
  2. Trusted Coach: You need to work with someone who has a vested interest in your success, who encourages you each step of the way, celebrates your wins, and has helped others win. I am that person. AND I so believe in the power of coaching that I invest about $24k ea year in coaches who mentor me to be better for my people.
  3. Technology Guru: You need help navigating through the choppy waters of technology when starting and growing your online business.  Remember, I did this on my own and I can explain this language in the ever-changing world of technology in terms that make sense and steps that are simple.
  4. Understands Your Pain:  I genuinely understand where you are and successfully continue to reap profits from my own lifestyle businesses while helping my clients do the same. I indeed practice what I preach because I started from scratch and learned the hard way. Tap into my experience and knowledge to get there faster and easier.
  5. Tell Your Story: You need an expert:  someone who can help you craft your story, and creatively market your products and services as you maximize profits and reclaim your time.

You have options on how we can work together. Coaching with me will guide you in the right direction quickly and offer up some accountability to launch and grow your business!

Let’s get started! Soon, you will be the boss of your own online business. So exciting!

Small Business Coaching 

Weekly one-hour coaching calls at a scheduled time where goals, assignments and other tasks are discussed. Small business coaching is a 3-month minimum commitment and a $7,200 minimum investment per quarter. Please fill out my coaching application.

Book a “One-time Quick-win” Session

If you are not ready to commit to coaching, we can schedule a 30-minute one-on-one strategy session for you to experience some quick wins. Prior to our call, I will spend 30 minutes reviewing your site, and other relevant materials so I can offer the best strategy during our quick-win session.  Learn more about scheduling and fees by visiting the One-time Quick-win page.

Katie’s Coaching Client Stories

My client Betsi has gone from zero traffic to her travel blog to landing sponsored luxury vacations. Betsi says:

“If you’re struggling to blog, struggling with tech, or to create a product or course, Katie Hornor is your woman! She is a teacher, and encourager and your biggest cheerleader. She helped me grow from hobby to business and take my blogging to a new level. She is my most valuable business growth tool. She is amazing!”

Susan has been a corporate copy writer for 30 years and recently made the decision to leave her job to launch her own fashion blog and freelance writing business.

My coaching clients are making more progress, faster and easier as they follow the steps I learned and avoid the mistakes I made.

Social Media Examiner recently reported that in 20 years, it’s expected that up to 70% of the entire workforce will be working remotely. Those corporate jobs are going away, and those who know how to work from home will be filling those positions. You don’t want to miss out on this entrepreneurial opportunity.

Are you currently in sales? Perhaps you’ll be like Kimi and start a DIY home decor blog and be paid by brands to share your favorite home and garden products with the world.

Are you an adoptive mom? Perhaps you’ll be the next Melissa, helping adoptive families thrive though online classes and virtual support sessions.

Or maybe you are great at creating recipes for those with special diets like my client Cathy.

Imagine how your blog can be life changing to your audience!  I can help you do that!

You Have A Unique Selling Position

We both know that life doesn’t always take the path we hope it will. Real-life often finds doors shutting in our faces. Sure, we can force them open, but we can also choose to check the window, and often the window presents a view we weren’t expecting.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably developed a few skills you’ve never considered. Real-world skills. Instinctual skills. Flexible, endurance-based skills.

Guess what?

These are the very skills you can use to create a successful, meaningful, and even profitable brand. And I’m the person that can help you do it. I’ve taken the same care and attention to detail I needed to make it as a missionary, teacher, pioneer in the Spanish homeschool curriculum market, and business-owner straight into marketing and coaching.

My Accomplishments as A Female Entrepreneur

I’ve created and marketed over 24+ courses and self-published a complete preschool to sixth grade homeschool curriculum, plus over 50+ other book titles.

I’ve made it to multiple Amazon best seller lists.

I’ve spoken on international stages about education and business topics.

I’ve helped homeschool bloggers, travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, financial teachers, Bible podcasters and more – launch profitable online businesses that have given them the platform to follow their dreams and work from anywhere. (Check my testimonials page; they can’t say enough about our work together)

I’ve used our influence to support Revive our Hearts in their mission of training the next generation of Christian leaders worldwide.

My mission is to help message-passionate individuals like you to be the best YOU possible so your people can be the best they can be and the legacy can continue. Don’t wait! Let’s get your message to those you can help and are waiting for someone like you! 

Don’t Wait Another Minute 

Let’s work together now. Don’t waste one more minute trying to make sense of how to be a successful online business owner. Stop paying hundreds, thousands or more dollars on training programs that always promise the moon yet somehow under-deliver.

Call me and let’s get you to where you need to be-you are not alone! When you hire me as your coach, you are guaranteed my 100% attention, support and expertise. In fact, I limit the number of clients I work with, so I can offer this to every client.

To get started, please click the link below and complete a short coaching application. Applications will be reviewed, and should you be accepted, you will be contacted to schedule a short phone call to discuss your specific goals and terms.

Thank you! I cannot wait to start helping you be successful.

Click here to get started today.

P.S. – I strictly limit the number of clients I work with at any given time. When you hire me, you get my 100% support and attention … an advantage you get from few other sources. Click the link below to fill out a short coaching application. If accepted, you will be contacted to setup a short call to discuss your needs and terms. Thank you.

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